Reimer & Larson


Adventures of Gaia - Vol. I

Tech + Magic = GAIA

Welcome to the worlds of Gaia, where death only means the loss of all memory, and rebirth can be as easy as waking up in a pod.

This soundtrack was curated from hours of underscore and music created for the YouTube series Adventures of Gaia, an original show based on the tabletop RPG created by Josh and Melissa Bachynski. The show follows a handful of characters on their journey through the fictional world of Gaia, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic universe where technology and magic coexist.

To evoke the techno-magical world of Gaia, we assembled a hybrid musical vocabulary of vocal, orchestral and electronic sounds. The vast story of Gaia takes us from the epic landscapes of deep space portals and desolate battlefields to the chambers within sunken underwater pirate ships and even the labyrinth of the human mind. Along the way we meet goat-headed cyborgs, an imperious pug god, a space witch, and deadly angels.

Twitter #StoryMusic Superthread

A 13-day post behind the music for the album.

Maelstrom - The Zombie Opera

Conceived a decade ago, after multiple live productions, the studio album for Maelstrom has arrived!

To learn more about the history and future of the show, go to the dedicated Maelstrom Page.


Short Music for Two Jackets

This album is a compilation of tracks featured in various short films produced by the Two Jackets team.

  • I Stole A Lot of Money!

  • Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes…

  • All’s Chair in Love and War

  • You Only Die Once!

  • Put a Ring On It

Many of these films have been featured in various film festivals, winning multiple awards, including Best Score, and Best Film.

“Meanwhile, At the Citadel of Superheroes…” was featured at the 2017 San Diego Comic Convention, and won best film in its category.

The album concludes with an original song made especially for the short film.

Kings At Rest

Released in 2014, this album allowed Ben and Reed to collect tracks from the prior couple years. This compilation features music composed for various forms of media release, whether it be short film, commercial work, or film trailers. This album also features exclusive original material that was used to score competition films, and International conference film.


Daniel has all the typical problems of a college senior who isn’t graduating. His roommate/best friend, Hope, is leaving him for medical school; his fresh-out-of-highschool girlfriend, Mary, seems a bit too ‘pure’ to be true; and to top it all off he has stigmata, the marks of Christ. Now, a peculiar angel named ‘Limpwings’ is leading him on a crusade to discover his true purpose and lead God’s people in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy!

Limpwings is the first full-length feature film by Two Jackets Productions. Written by Marcus Mann, directed by Andrew Neill, and produced on a shoestring budget in the Fargo/Moorhead area, Limpwings premiered at the Historic Fargo Theatre in October 2011. 

Curtain Call

Created and directed by Michael Stromenger, this seventeen episode web series follows Detective William Page as he attempts to solve the tragic onstage slaying of young actress Cassie Sterling.

The score is a twisted blend of electronica, classic film score, and moody hard rock, featuring an original song in the pilot episode.