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Daniel has all the typical problems of a college senior who isn’t graduating. His roommate/best friend, Hope, is leaving him for medical school; his fresh-out-of-highschool girlfriend, Mary, seems a bit too ‘pure’ to be true; and to top it all off he has stigmata, the marks of Christ. Now, a peculiar angel named ‘Limpwings’ is leading him on a crusade to discover his true purpose and lead God’s people in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy!

Limpwings is the first full-length feature film by Two Jackets Productions. Written by Marcus Mann, directed by Andrew Neill, and produced on a shoestring budget in the Fargo/Moorhead area, Limpwings premiered at the Historic Fargo Theatre in October 2011. 


Sample Recordings


Short Music for Two Jackets

This album is a compilation of tracks featured in various short films produced by the Two Jackets team.

  • I Stole A Lot of Money!

  • Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes…

  • All’s Chair in Love and War

  • You Only Die Once!

  • Put a Ring On It

Many of these films have been featured in various film festivals, winning multiple awards, including Best Score, and Best Film.

The album concludes with an original song made especially for the short film.


Sample Recordings